Monday, March 22, 2010

Once you've set up your blog, write your first post. In it, talk a little about your own relationship to "art, politics, and protest." Some questions you might think about: What kinds of expression - music, writing, art, sports - mean the most to you and why? Have you ever been part of a social movement, protested for or against something, or created a political work of art? Have you had your view of the world changed by a song, poem, movie or some other creative work? What would you like to learn about in this class?

When i first registered for this class i really thought it was more of a regular art class, but once i started class i relized that it was more than that , it was about how art was used for protest, and to send a message. to be honest i haven't listened to music in a while but i know that sometimes new artists use things that are happening now in the world and incorporate it in their music and for us it just sounds good or it makes sence with the song but back in the civil rights years many blacks would just incorporate the way they feel, how they are being treated etc.. i've never been part of a protest or a social movement but i think that if i was one of the people in that time i would probably be part of the protest. i learned alot in my history class last semester about the civil rights movement but it would be intresting to study how songs, arts, and protest was incorporated during the time.

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