Thursday, November 5, 2009

prewriting-brainstorming -Honduras

Why are you interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S.?
-im intrested in researching this country because i've been to honduras befrore as a missionary with my church...and while i was there i saw alot of very very poor people and little kids taking on parently roles. every thing i saw made me really sad. i might actually go back there before i do i want to learn more about their ecomony.

What has struck you about this history and relationship to the United States from our readings, and from other knwoledge and experiance you may have?
-it has struck me that the united states has so much power over other countries. i didnt think that it would have been that bad...that they would basically take over

What dont you know that you want tot find out?
-in what ways has the U.S not helped honduras when they needed to be helped?
-why is it one of the top three poorest contries in the world?
-how much drug n violebce problems do they face everyday?
-what does NAFTA associate with them?
-does the u.s have any military bases?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Video of Naomi Klein on the Colbert Report

-"whole societies also go into a state of shock when their is a crises. when there is a terrorist attack or a huge natural disaster, or a huge economic crisis. something happens where people don't know whats going on and they'll do what people in authority tell them to do"- Naomi Klein

when she said this all could think about was the katrina disaster and how all these people where waiting outside the dome for the government to come help them because that was they were told the government was going to do......the government came late these people here with out food with out water.... how did the government expect these people to survive in such conditions....i bet if it was president bush who was in that circumstance they wouldve gotten him out of there within less than an hour of the cirisis happening. many older people who needed oxygen and medications died because there werent gettin what they needed. what wouldve happend if the government aid never showed? this is some really serious situatons. TBC...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Personal responses...

When i chose this class i though that it was going to be about things that are going on today in the world. That it would be about recent events.

I like the fact that all our classes link together because in a way it helps me understand it more. even though sometime i get confused with the sotries and which class its for =] but i feel that its alot better. Also I feel that having the same classes with the same people is nice because you really get to know them and interact with them. The shyness goes away and its easier to work with the people.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


-I honestly really didn't enjoy this film as much as the first one that we saw on Farmingville probably because some of the dialogue wasn't very understandable because of the accents..... but i did find it interesting. I liked how they switched from scene to scene about how the tourist are in a nice hotel having fun enjoying "Jamaica". and then they show the real Jamaica and the things that the people who actually live there and have to deal with. my favorite part was when a small group of tourist took a ride around the real Jamaica and they saw how "relaxed the people in Jamaica were" and how free they were to do as they felt....but they were ignorant to see that it wasn't that they were "layed back and relaxed" it was they had nothing else to do! their poor, have no jobs...all they could really do is take care of their families and the place that they live in.

-In my eyes I believe that America had control/power over Jamaica. Something interesting that I learned from this movie that I didn't know before was how Jamaica was owed by the British and when they got their Independence they became financially unstable and thats when America decied to "help" them. But in helping them in a way ended up affecting them real bad.......TO BE CONTINUED

Thursday, September 17, 2009


i have to start off by sayin that i enjoyed watching the video about the immigration reform in farmingville. Not beacue it was nice, but beacue i was amazed and shocked at the hatered and violence that went on in farmingville. i feel the residents were so ignorant, they acted like they were the victims. when reality was they were the ones attacking the mexican workers. At one point the leader of the shadam organization was sayin how the mans daughter couldnt get a job because "she didnt speak spanish"'!. thats horrible, does she know how many immigrants cant find jobs beacue of the color of there skin, because they didnt speak english, because they were hated in the community!. No she wouldnt because she was focused on kicking them out because they were disterbing their community. she was focused on keeping things the way they were, in keeping her family safe. But she didnt realize that by trying to kick the mexicans out and showing them that they didnt be long the only people that were causing chaos was not the mexicans but it was the people from farmingville.