Thursday, November 5, 2009

prewriting-brainstorming -Honduras

Why are you interested in this country and its relationship to the U.S.?
-im intrested in researching this country because i've been to honduras befrore as a missionary with my church...and while i was there i saw alot of very very poor people and little kids taking on parently roles. every thing i saw made me really sad. i might actually go back there before i do i want to learn more about their ecomony.

What has struck you about this history and relationship to the United States from our readings, and from other knwoledge and experiance you may have?
-it has struck me that the united states has so much power over other countries. i didnt think that it would have been that bad...that they would basically take over

What dont you know that you want tot find out?
-in what ways has the U.S not helped honduras when they needed to be helped?
-why is it one of the top three poorest contries in the world?
-how much drug n violebce problems do they face everyday?
-what does NAFTA associate with them?
-does the u.s have any military bases?