Thursday, September 17, 2009


i have to start off by sayin that i enjoyed watching the video about the immigration reform in farmingville. Not beacue it was nice, but beacue i was amazed and shocked at the hatered and violence that went on in farmingville. i feel the residents were so ignorant, they acted like they were the victims. when reality was they were the ones attacking the mexican workers. At one point the leader of the shadam organization was sayin how the mans daughter couldnt get a job because "she didnt speak spanish"'!. thats horrible, does she know how many immigrants cant find jobs beacue of the color of there skin, because they didnt speak english, because they were hated in the community!. No she wouldnt because she was focused on kicking them out because they were disterbing their community. she was focused on keeping things the way they were, in keeping her family safe. But she didnt realize that by trying to kick the mexicans out and showing them that they didnt be long the only people that were causing chaos was not the mexicans but it was the people from farmingville.